PHOTOS: 4/19/2014 at the Middle East Downstairs

New live photos by Tom Gilmore on foundwaves.com. Check out the photos of Loop and Doug Tuttle from the same

Two Years in Photos

Our friend Tom says he should probably be in jail after stalking us for so long, but we would sell our souls (and maybe some of our gear) to bail him out if that ever happened. The fine folks at Foundwaves have compiled and condensed two years' worth of Tom Gilmore's shots of us into a sweet little feature to help promote ...

this is not us tooting our own horn. this is us trying to toot the horns of others.

Big thanks to our new friend, and wondrous photog, Tom Gilmore [link pending], who seems to be somehow at every rock show in town answering that ages old question, "Just what does it look like to play rock and roll?" Check out the rest of Tom's stellar work at foundwaves.com, where a passion for live music plus a ...

a couple shots from our party at the H-O-B

Here's Jeremy showing off the cupcakes Sara made. The cupcakes read "G-H-O-S-T B-O-X O-R-C-H-E-S-T-R-A" with one letter atop each cake and were delicious. Even the bartender said so. You should totally hire her to cater your next CD release party. This is Marty and Nazli. As you can see, Naz is 100% invested in ...

we’re working hard so you don’t have to!

Just finished putting together some CDs for you all! You can thank us here, or better yet,

See it again in two dimensions

Check out some sweet shots of the show we played with Woven Bones and Disappears, courtesy of our new friend Adrienne. She's got ...