The Only Light On

The Only Light On Album Cover Art
The Only Light On is the debut album from Boston psych-rockers Ghost Box Orchestra. The album was recorded in early 2010 at 1867 Recording Studio, a cavernous Freemasons Lodge-turned-recording studio in Chelsea, MA. Using a mix of analog outboard gear and digital recording workflow, the band achieved the best of both vintage and modern recording styles, tracking all songs live in the ornate former Freemasons haunt. Considering the rich history of Boston and the mysterious nature of the Freemasons, mystical forces were perceived influencing the recording process.

The band’s name refers to a piece of equipment used to record the communications of ghosts. A ‘ghost box’ is a recording device consisting of a microphone, white noise generator and small radio (modified to constantly scan channels), all enclosed in a glass case. Imagine a room full of these ghost box devices – all channeling different beings from the beyond, and you have an idea of the swirling sound and séance-like experience Ghost Box Orchestra create.